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An Industry-Leading Prime Brokerage With a Personalized Touch

Triad Securities is a world-class prime brokerage founded in 1976, with a personalized touch, combining state of the art services with a family-run culture. Their 300 institutional clients benefit from Triad’s operational support, trade execution services, as well as their industry-leading IPO & secondary issues reports.

Our Work:

  • 1. Visual Identity Branding
  • 2. Institutional Pitch Deck
  • 3. Factsheet Marketing Collateral

Differentiation Based on a People-Centric Approach

We created several pitchbooks and a factsheet for Triad, based on a thorough discussion and exploration of Triad’s prime brokerage, trade execution, IPO reporting, and other services, as well as in-depth market research.

We differentiated Triad from its competitors in each market, emphasizing its family-run and people-centric philosophy throughout.

Pitchdecks and Factsheets Which Captured Breadth of Services

We designed & developed Triad pitchbooks with a modern, cutting-edge design, emphasizing Triad’s position as a leader in its market. We also focused on the narrative flow of the presentation: with company timelines, leadership slides, services breakdowns, and market positioning leading into more specific operational details and revenues.