A Powerhouse Real Estate Law Firm

Alexander Suslensky, P.C. is a boutique Midtown Manhattan law firm specializing in residential real estate. Alexander is highly regarded as an expert in real estate and business law, is frequently quoted in The New York Times Real Estate Section, and gives seminars at The New York County Lawyers Assoc. real estate agencies such as Douglas Elliman, as well as other venues.

A Video Showcasing NYC Real Estate

Our services for Alex’s law practice consisted of production of a promotional, introductory video introducing as well as a brand new WordPress website. Our video showcased Alexander’s expertise and personalized client attention. With fast-paced editing, Alexander’s narration, and colleague testimonials, the clip frequently cuts to neighborhoods, buildings, and NYC life. We wrote, directed, and produced the clip, shooting the interviews and office scenes in less than a day.


New Website With a Homepage Video Clip

We also designed & developed a brand new WordPress website for the practice, with the clip playable on the homepage. The engaging nature of the video clip grabs attention and also lends credibility to the practice, increasing the likelihood of a client conversion. The site also utilizes a modern layout and features, such as practice areas listed in an accordion format (which click to open & reveal additional detail), to maximize page space.