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An Innovative Venture Capital Firm Dedicated to Building Exceptional Teams

Squadra Ventures is a venture capital firm led by founder-operators that invests in early-stage cyber and national security companies. They apply significant financial and operational resources, working hand-in-hand with their entrepreneurs to grow a startup 3X in a period of 24 months. Their overarching goal: leave a lasting impact on the world!

Our Work:

  • 1. Official Investor Pitch Deck
  • 2. Two Page Summary Factsheet
  • 3. Investor Letter & Quarterly Report Template

Showing the Intersection of Two Teams

Working with Squadra Venture’s current logo and color palette, we created a compelling visual identity for their investor communications. Based on Squadra’s philosophy of finding the synergy between their team and the startup’s team, we brought together the two sides of their approach in both design and content.

Conceptual Clarity Plus Design

We gathered imagery from Squadra’s portfolio of companies, including their presentations, events, and meetings with Squadra managers. The organization of the client’s Pitch Deck and other investor materials organized a lengthy market analysis and financial data into a compelling narrative for prospective investors.