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A Technology Patent Powerhouse

Ostrager Chong Flaherty & Broitman, P.C. is a Manhattan-based law firm specializing in intellectual property litigation and advanced, high-tech patent work. With a highly-credentialed technical & legal team, they are able to both advise as well as litigate complex disputes in IP. Their patent expertise covers industrial machinery, software & computer networks, synthetic materials, biotech, and pharmaceutical technology.

Our Work:

  • 1. WordPress Website Redesign & Development
  • 2. Visual Identity & Brand Messaging
  • 3. Logo Modernization

Visual Identity Based on Tech Imagery

We created a logo, visual identity and modern WordPress website for OCFB, based on high tech and science imagery and strong messaging. With a focus on their dual strengths of intellectual property litigation and advanced patent drafting, we organized the look & feel and messaging of the website around specialized technology / science in addition to legal expertise.

Focus on Practice Areas and Attorney Bios

The key parts of the OCFB website are its practice areas and attorney bios, both of which highlight the firm’s sophisticated and diverse scientific and legal talent. Practices are divided into six general areas, with litigation and patent practices further showcasing the firm’s recent legal victories and granted patents.