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An Alternative Investments Consultancy Which Has Raised Over $ 1 Billion

Edgar Strategic Consulting Services (ESCS) is a high-end business development consultancy specializing in accelerating capital raising for hedge, venture capital, and other funds and asset managers. ESCS offers services, relationships, and insights garnered from decades of industry experience.

Our Work:

  • (1) Logo & Visual Identity Branding
  • (2) Sales Pitchbook & Factsheet
  • (3) Prospect Letters & Additional Collateral
  • (4) WordPress Website

Exploring the interests, experience, and aesthetics of its founder, we gathered and fused imagery and colors to form a unique brand voice and look and feel.

The overall motif, based on the founder’s experience in varsity swimming, worked to unify other imagery (used throughout our marketing materials) connoting growth potential and analytical strength.

We designed & developed an official ESCS website as well as a 20 page pitchbook, a factsheet, and a business card & stationery set. We also worked with the client to write and help shape the copy for all materials, providing a coherent identity and making a persuasive case for ESCS’ services.