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We are a passionate group of creative professionals eager to take on a variety of digital, marketing, and video challenges. Located in the heart of NYC, we help build online brands and media experiences for our clients, keeping their customers and clients interested and engaged.

In a world that is increasingly digitally driven – and with the attention span of customers and consumers steadily shrinking – above all, we seek to make things captivating and creative. Starting with exploratory meetings, we question, research, learn, and discover — and then come up with the insights and strategies to really brand our clients.

From standalone products such as a basic website or video clip to a full integrated online marketing campaign, our services are customized to the industry, audience, and needs of our clients. We produce responsive WordPress websites with a focus on modern design and a strong user experience, high-level written content and content strategy, as well as promotional and informational online video.

Our Services

Our services cross over several areas and disciplines, but are always customized and directly focused on our clients’ needs.


Most brands live and breathe in a complex ecosystem of online content, social media, blogs, and traditional press. Reaching your target audience requires in-depth analysis, a creative strategy, and a project management approach to implementation.



We study your firm, professionals, services, current marketing, and competitors and fine-tune an approach to differentiate you in the marketplace. We help you find your voice and articulate your mission.


From thought leadership article writing to blogging – using creative tools such as webinars, surveys, and video presentations – we plan a campaign consisting of specific steps to expand your prospects.


We plan a customized social marketing campaign – focusing primarily on Linkedln and Twitter – which will educate and engage a general audience and drive prospective clients to your site.


We produce an individual or a series of clips from start to finish — from concept to planning, script writing, filming, and editing. Types of clips produced include:



Conveying your firm’s mission, message, and key professionals in a matter of minutes, with B-Roll (background footage) of your offices or work environment, in a high-end visual style.


News-style informational clips which serve a marketing, educational, or PR purpose.


Promote how your firm engages with clients, prospects, and the general public at client conferences, firm events, or other special presentations.


We approach websites as brand overhauls: an opportunity to create powerful messages, visuals, and content, together which showcases the caliber and expertise of your firm.

Our sites feature:



Our sites have a clean, modern look, with unique iconography, and a simple & streamlined user experience for your visitors.
Consistency and modern look & feel sends a signal to clients and prospects of a unified brand.


From summaries and professional bios to taglines, case studies, articles, client profiles, and blogs, we strategize and carefully position your content to build your authority, while ensuring visitors find the information they’re looking for.


All our websites are WordPress content­ managed, for easy edits. Every site we develop is fully responsive, adaptive to mobile & tablet devices, and is also on-site SEO optimized.


Informative, well-written content which demonstrates your expertise to prospects, clients, and referral sources helps establish an authentic professional services brand.



We create either a one-off or a series of high-quality, engaging long-form articles for Linkedln, industry blogs, or publication. We’ve written technical papers, legal and marketing content, as well as miscellaneous articles.


From specialized web content (including bios & professional profiles) to brochures and summary sheets, we craft visually engaging and thoughtful content and materials, all of which are highly readable and persuasive.


We develop materials – both in written form and online – to present to clients or colleagues or to train employees. We also craft company policies in the digital space, such as a firm-wide social media policy for employees.

Our Creative Team

We are a dedicated team of professionals, strategists, marketers and production talent.

Ron Idra
Ron Idra
Founder & Creative Director
Dennis Thomas
Dennis Thomas
Director of Photography
Steve Elliot
Steve Elliot
Director & Digital Editor
Ritima Sood
Ritima Sood
Project Manager / Developer
Andrei Olariu
Andrei Olariu
Partner Web Agency CEO
Nilesh Kanani
Nilesh Kanani
Maciej Godlewski
Maciej Godlewski
SEO & Pay-Per-Click

Combining marketing expertise and a past practice as an intellectual property attorney, Ron developed Media For Professionals to address the myriad digital media & marketing challenges of professional services firms. He has project managed a wide variety of legal, financial, corporate, and arts & entertainment websites for firms and companies in New York and the tri-state area. He has also written extensively, directed photoshoots, and produced a variety of corporate videos for his clients.


Ron was an associate at the firms of Dewey Ballantine and Pennie & Edmonds, LLP, in intellectual property law. He consulted as in-house counsel at Fortune 500 companies such as J.P. Morgan & Co. and MetLife Insurance Co. He worked on legal matters for clients such as Hewlett Packard, Simon & Schuster, Trish McEvoy Cosmetics, and renowned chef Daniel Boulud.


Ron is the author of two editions of a book on intellectual property licensing for the layperson: Profit From Intellectual Property, published by Sourcebooks, Inc. He co-presented a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) at the New York County Lawyers Association on recent trends in social media and intellectual property law.


Ron works closely with The Polaris Group, a NYC business development firm in the private equity, hedge fund, and family office community. He holds a JD from New York University School of Law where he was an editor on the NY.U. Law Review.


Ron works with a diverse team of experienced web developers, graphic designers, directors of photography & camera operators, digital film editors, and others.

Dennis Thomas is a film Director, Director of Photography, Editor, and Graphic Designer. In over 8 years in film, documentaries, music videos, and commercial work, Dennis has experience working nearly every position in nearly every genre.


With roots firmly planted in audio and music production, Dennis began his career with audio post and theatrical production. This led him to the film world working in the audio and grip departments, and secured his love of the collaborative efforts of film production. This would eventually give way to the photographic and visual side, working in fast paced and unpredictable documentary settings. Through this, he was able to study and absorb the subtle elements of movement and emotion, and apply them to cinematic narratives.


Dennis’ thorough experience in all aspects of post production processes (both audio and visual), has made his workflow as a director, cinematographer, and editor, highly efficient and effective. His complete understanding of the whole process, from the smallest details in pre-production, to highly technical operations during production, and on to a timely delivery of a finished product, allow for a meticulously prepared for and executed project. All the while with the highest concern for efficiency and quality.


Above all else, Dennis’ love, pride, and devotion to his craft and love of communal contribution is what motivates him to take on new challenges (personally and professionally) every day.

Steve Elliot has been a freelance producer, editor, director of photography, and sound operator and for more than thirty years. Born into a family of directors and filmmakers who have their own Hollywood production company, he learned his skills working in the family business making TV commercials.


Throughout his career, Steve has worked on commercials, shorts, and Hollywood studio feature films. He recently edited a film by famed director Roland Joffe, director of The Killing Fields.


He has been a member of the Directors Guild of America since 1980 as an assistant director. For twenty years, starting in 1994, Steve taught film editing and then digital editing at New York University in both the School of Professional Studies, and Tisch School of the Arts.


For the past decade his work has been concentrated in the corporate and documentary field.

Ritima has always been passionate about solving problems, simplifying processes, and leveraging technology to streamline business operations. Ritima has over 20 years of hands-on programming and executive management experience that she has utilized in the design and development robust websites and technology solutions.


Her expertise lies in working with small to medium sized businesses; creating, leading and managing global teams, offering her project management skills for extending their technological capabilities through successful implementation of projects on time and within budget.


Ritima has also been a strong supporter of Women Owned Businesses, especially on Long Island. She has been serving on the Board of Suffolk County Women’s Business Enterprise Coalition, a not-for-profit organization that promotes and supports women owned businesses through professional development opportunities.

Maciej (SEO Advisor) uses SEO and paid advertising to not just to drive traffic to your brand, but to transform the conversation about it. He has worked with B2B companies to help them with their SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) from small to large scale projects.


Maciej spends a lot of time analyzing data along the whole funnel from interactions on social media networks and your website even down to your CRM to make sure that the campaigns are generating results.


Periodically Maciej sets out around the globe to geek out at entrepreneurial hubs like San Francisco, Mumbai, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), and Berlin to pick up on the best practices from different entrepreneurs.Being passionate about marketing, Maciej taught himself Search Engine Optimization (SEO) while working for startups in Boston and New York City in the life sciences and technology sectors. There he lead online marketing efforts, managed developers, and helped grow the businesses from startups to even an Inc. 500 company.


Maciej studied History and Science at Harvard University.

Nilesh is a knowledgeable and extremely well-rounded web developer who seeks to build sites that both delight and inform. Seeking to continuously perfect his skills, he refines his expertise in various programming languages including HTML, CSS, and jQuery; including PHP and MySQL; He also researches and absorbs practical information through several hundred RSS feeds he subscribes to.


His process combines a mix of disciplines learned in 10+ years of working with development teams and exploring the psychology of users. He does his best to stay on top of changes in the state of the art to meet challenges with tools well suited to the job at hand. Whether he is researching, experimenting, or building digital products, he applies his learning and passion throughout.


In addition to learning new tools and frameworks, his larger focus is on the culture of the web itself and its impact on the world.